Saturday, 23 April 2011

The dreaded First Post

(A shy wave.)

      Why, hello there! I'm Natassja, I'm 19, and I split my time between London and Leicester, where I'm currently in my first year of an English BA at University of Leicester. I like clothes a lot a lot. Wearing them, buying them, lusting after them, the whole shebang. One day I'd love to work in fashion journalism or styling, so hopefully this blog will give me the chance to practice my writing.

      The title 'A Girl In Boy's Clothes' is extremely appropriate as it's widely acknowledged that I cross-dress pretty much all of the time. Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a tomboy, but I literally just prefer men's clothes. Even when I do wear girly clothes (these occasions are so rare that I will draw special attention to them), I just have to go and butch it up with a pair of brogues or something. The overall effect is that of a young male child (you'll soon see what I mean).

      Even typing this next sentence is making me roll my eyes at how disgusting clichéd this is going to sound, but my passion is vintage clothes (vom) and about 90% of my wardrobe is either vintage or secondhand. Being a student means that I have very little to spend on clothes (second cliché), so buying secondhand from eBay, Etsy, charity shops, etc, makes my money go much further. I also think that being on a tight budget forces you to be more imaginative with dressing, but that's a whole other blog post waiting to be written.

      Apart from the aforementioned penchant for gender-bending, my style is not very defined, although I am on a bit of a 50s kick at the minute. Rolled-up jeans, white ankle socks, the works (my friends tell me I look like Michael Jackson). For summer, I plan to really commit to this look - watch this space.

      My other interests are pretty standard: seeing my amazing friends, watching films, going out, photography, reading, cooking, and of course, the mark of a true student, drinking. However it has to be said that my other true passion is music, listening not playing. In fact, I do a radio show with a friend on my university radio station. I'll link it on here unless I get too shy.

      And last but not least, I have to apologise in advance for my extremely dry, sarcastic sense of humour, which may well manifest itself in my blog posts. And also for my language, which is, quite frankly, foul. But I'll try my best to keep it clean.

Phew, I'm glad that's over. Thanks for reading all that balderdash, roll on some proper posts!

Ancient children's multi-pack polo shirt - Woolworths (when it existed in real life)