Wednesday, 6 July 2011

School's out

      Well, uni's out. The end of my first year = 3 whole months of freedom, so I can't wait to be able to update this already-neglected blog a bit more regularly.

      This is what I wore a few days ago when the weather was actually what you would expect of a summer's day as opposed to the horrific downpour that today brought, much to my disgust.

Ancient ASOS blouse, vintage belt from a charity shop, vintage Levi shorts from Beyond Retro, random white ankle socks, Office brogues, Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo, germ-infested Benicassim 2010 wristband, Tesco kettle.

      So I've finally managed to dig out my SLR, and I've gone and bought myself the cheapest possible tripod from good ole' Asda, hence the better quality photos. Unfortunately my camera skills have almost completely disintegrated in the past few months so please bear with me!

            This has been me since the end of exams - completely glued to my Gameboy. Retro, I know. And a bargain off eBay. Shocking that I still haven't managed to finish fucking Pokemon Yellow after 60+ hours of gameplay...

      I promise that more interesting posts will be arriving in the near future, and this time from a mystery location. Stay tuned.